It’s adventure time with Abee the Ape.


Loud voices from exited children echoed the hall of TK Goducate (Goducate Kindergarten) as the facilitators arrived for another adventure time through our program Phonics Adventure.


The class started with our Phonics Adventure Song and followed with the Alphabet Phonic Song performed energetically by our facilitators and enthusiastic children.


After the active start with songs, the facilitators let the children to be settled and introduced the letter sound for the day which is the long A sound.  The facilitator showed colorful visual aids with words and pictures of the letter sound which attracted the learners.  The facilitators presented a chant that has the letter sound for the children to remember.

As the class continued, the facilitators presented some facts about a “friend” they are about to meet.  Some children cannot wait for this friend to be revealed so they decided to stand and come in front but the facilitators carefully let them take their seat.

Featuring:  Abee, The Honest Ape

Abee the Ape is one of our characters in Phonics Adventure Program.  Each character represents a corresponding letter which helps the children retain everything that they learn.  This program does not only teach children about letters sounds but also it teaches the children vocabularies and character traits which helps them build good character.  This time, Abee the Ape taught the children how cool it is to be honest.

After an exciting storytelling, the children were confidently answering the questions asked by their facilitators.


Abee the Ape and all our Phonics Adventure characters come not just with stories but also with songs.  The children participated and sang the song with their heart’s content.  Singing and doing the actions the best way they can.


Activity time are with full-colored Phonics Adventure books.  The children were very excited to receive their books and they got the chance to color and made some crafts with their new friend.  Our books also provides activities where the children can practice their writing skill.

After the fun activities, everybody did the chant again and the Abee the Ape song with recharged energy once again.



The class was about to end but the children seemed to be overwhelmed of their books.  Soon the facilitators led the children with a Goodbye Song and everybody said their goodbyes.

The fun never stops!  The Abee the Ape song echoed in the hallway sung by the children as they are putting on their shoes, hugging and waving their facilitators goodbye.

A fun-filled day with Abee the Ape and learning the A sound.

by Rodgine Suizo, SYE Batam