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September 9, 2016
When Teaching English Inspires Hope
October 2, 2016

Are You Coming Back Tomorrow?

In a new place and a new school, a new set of students are waiting excitedly every week for Sing Your English class!

This is the scenario every Monday in TK (Kindergarten) Generasi Bandung.  The kids are waiting for SYE facilitators to arrive so they can have fun and learn English!  The moment the SYE facilitators enters the classroom, everybody would be singing SYE Theme Song and SYE Phonics Adventure songs even before the teacher plays the music.  Who says English is difficult to learn?  These kids are just so excited learning with SYE every week.

They learn Phonics Adventure songs, amazing stories, exciting games, crafts and other fun activities.  Each time the facilitators ask them to do the chant or answer a question, everyone would want to speak and go to the front to participate.  SYE’s goal is to boost these kids’ self-confidence not just through singing songs or playing games but also to speak in English without fear.

Miss, are you coming back here tomorrow? one of the kid asked.

SYE class is held once a week but the kids are waiting for SYE every day.

A fun-filled SYE class is always worth the wait every week.

by April Joy Gumban, SYE Bandung