When Teaching English Inspires Hope
October 2, 2016

Not Scared Anymore!

Some may say spiders are scary, but not in our Phonics Adventure class!

Introducing, Spiky the Spider–the one who succeeded to bring smiles to the kids’ faces but most especially to a very special one named Andre.

Andre is one of SYE students in TK Anugerah, Bandung.  At first, Andre was so scared to attend the Phonics Adventure class.  The facilitators cannot force him to participate so he would just stay outside the classroom most of the time with his father.

One day, Andre met “Spiky the Spider” and everything changed!

Spiky the Spider is one of SYE’s Phonics Adventure characters and his story is one that teachers kids how to be obedient to their parents.

During that memorable day when Andre met Spiky, he participated in all class activities: he did the chant, he listened to the story very attentively, he sang all the songs and he did his spider craft excitedly!


He was so happy to meet Spiky that he even tied him to his chair to keep him from going away.  He also took Spiky outside for a walk.  From that day on, Spiky became his favorite pet.


Now Andre is not scared anymore… with English and also with spiders!

by: Honey Pereira, SYE Bandung