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September 23, 2016
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October 2, 2016

When Teaching English Inspires Hope

No one would ever imagine how this young lady surprised other school with her outstanding English test result.

She is Karlinawati Marbun, a student of SMP Libo Ceria Kandis registered in class 7-9.  She has undergone eTalk program for 3 years when she was still SMP (Junior High School).


She needed to continue to SMK Aek Kanopan, Kab  Pelabuhan Batu, a school in North Sumatera.  Unfortunately, she was rejected because of her low scores during the national examination.

However, her persistent mom urged the school to let her daughter take their school entrance examination.  The examination consists of Bahasa Indonesia, Mathematics, Science and English.  When she finished taking the exams, the school then checked the results and surprisingly, Karlinawati Marbun got the highest score in English among all the registered students.

Karlinawati Marbun, now a bona fide student of SMK Aek Kanopan, was once a recipient of our eTalk program and is now confident to face the challenges wherever she goes.  eTalk  Program has helped not just a single student but a bunch of learners in Libo Ceria School.

by: Miss Glecie Villanueva, SYE Pekanbaru