SYE Phonics Adventure

 Program for Preschool

(Kindergarten 1 & 2)

Phonics adventure

Sing Your English (SYE) Phonics Adventure is the first level of SYE learning-to-speak-English program for Indonesian kids.

The program is for preschoolers ages 5-6.

To teach children to speak English, SYE brings the kids to the basics of learning english phonics to be able to read and speak english properly. SYE Phonics Adventure is learning English phonics in an interesting and fun way. It brings kids to an adventure experience as they learn different animals and their stories. Each animals represent each phonic sounds that the children has to learn. Each animals has their own stories and also a simple song that will help the kids remember the animal and the sound they are learning. Each story is not only learning about phonics but has character trait lessons that will teach the children values. Each song has fun actions that the kids will enjoy. Each lesson will have its own activity or game or craft that the children will certainly have fun with.

Goducate’s SYE Phonics Adventure will expose kids to so many english vocabularies and introduce them to english phonics in a way that they will not even think they are learning english.