SYE Break

Preschool – Level 6

SYE  BreakSYE Break is a one-week holiday English classes with SYE.

SYE Break is for schools or any institution or organization that would want a fun extra-curricular English class for kids for one week.

The class would start at the beginning of the week on Monday until Friday and would have a culminating activity, SYE Day, by Saturday. It is a one-hour class a day very suitable for holidays when the children has no classes.

As SYE is a learning-to-speak English and an English exposure fun class, it is good way to spend the holidays having fun while learning and to take a break with the pressure of school work.

SYE Break can be incorporated with outdoor games so that the children can enjoy active games and take a break with usual classroom activities.

School is out now it is time for SYE break!

Let’s take break from school and have fun with SYE Break!

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