SYE Camp

Levels 4-6

SYE Camp

SYE Camp is a one or two day English camp for Elementary students levels 4-6.

This activity is full-packed with outdoor and indoor fun-filled activities.

The first SYE Camp theme is “It’s all About Me” and the students will learn things that revolves around themselves in English. The camp has it own theme song which the students enjoy with groupings of different animal names and colors such as Yellow Tigers, Blue Sharks, Orange Lions, Green Crocodiles, Red Eagles and Purple Panther.

The groups will compete against each other during the camp in various exciting competitions. SYE Camp has spelling, cheers and yells, group games, singing, singing, races and a lot more.

SYE camp can either be one or two days depending on the schools plan. For a two-day event, the school has a chance to do a bonfire activity just before sleeping time for a more meditative atmosphere and give time for life talks and serious discussions.

SYE camp has a point system that makes the participant gain merits to exchange it later with exciting things prepared by SYE facilitators.

An active outdoor activity such as Big Ball Volleyball is also don’t to complete the unforgettable moment of SYE camp fun.