Sing Your English

Levels 1-3

SYE level 1-3

Sing Your English for Levels 1-3 are for kids with ages 7-9.

The SYE levels 1-3 program is a learning-to-speak-english program for kids in the elementary of grades 1-3.

After teaching the preschool kids English phonics, SYE then proceeds and exposes the kids with English words that they can see everyday.

Example Level 1 introduces simple english vocabularies about themselves, their family, school, house, friends and surroundings.

Each lesson is coupled with songs, activities, games, crafts and workbook activity that will make the kids learn english in a fun and motivating way.

SYE levels1-3 approach is from Simple and Complex.

  • Book 1 introduces words,

  • Book 2 introduces simples sentences that is used everyday and

  • Book 3 introduces more sentences or a paragraph.

SYE class doesn’t pressure the kids to pass an english exam but to enjoy english and learn how to speak english.

Enjoying the class will make the kids not fear english and would be interested to continue learning even outside the class.

SYE also offer SYE BREAK, a one-week SYE class for holiday seasons for Level 1-3.

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