e-TALK Program


e-Talk is an English program for teens and adults that teaches in an easy, entertaining and excellent way for the learners to enhance their English skills, esteem themselves in speaking and be eloquent English speakers.


e-Talk aims for the learners to: (1) develop self-confidence; (2) give opportunities to confidently speak; and (3) offer a friendly, fun and cozy learning atmosphere.

The program is flexible, fun and friendly. It is flexible because it can be done anytime, anywhere. It is holistic in approach as it fits the different learning styles of the learners.


It is fun and puts no pressure on the learners. The more mistakes they commit, the more learning, the more the fun. There are no grades to meet. e-Talk provides varied activities (like music, culinary, films, games, arts, crafts etc..) different from conventional and traditional methods of learning.


The program is friendly and people-oriented. Relationship is our priority. It is more personal which provides a sense of family and deeper friendships to develop. The learners are accepted as they are. They can freely express themselves.


There are three levels in this program. All learners should undergo all levels. The approach varies depending on the learner’s capacity. The approach for each level is from simple to complex conversation concepts. Level I :Speak It! English Basics provides a general practice on basic English conversation and aims to review and enhance the learners English skill. Level II : Speak and Do It! Practical English focuses more on the application of the general concepts to practical activities. This level is more on activities and speaking opportunities. Level III : Speak and Share It! Mentoring gives the learners the opportunity to teach and mentor others in English. This level deals more with outdoor activities, practicum, teaching and demonstration with the goal to develop learners to become facilitators to share their English skills to others.

Learning never stops. When all the levels are completed, the learners are now bona fide members of the e-Talk Guild, a club which meets regularly to further hone and sharpen their English skills through public speaking and fun conversation activities.

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