Sing Your English Program

Sing Your English (SYE) Program by Goducate is an English Program for non-english speaking kids. It is created to teach kids english in a fun and exciting ways through songs, activities and games.

SYE helps kids develop self-confidence by letting them sing and speak english words while having fun. SYE developed a curriculum to expose kids to english in an extra-curricular class and let them use it in a non-pressured environment of passing a test but just to have fun.

SYE starts with Kindergarten Level using the SYE Preparatory Materials which is Godu&Cate Phonics Adventure. It introduces phonics to kids in an interesting way with a story, song, activity and games. Each story and song strengthens the kids retention to the phonic sound of the letter being learned and will never be forgotten. Godu&Cate Phonics Adventure is packed with beautiful songs and interesting stories that the kids will love.

SYE is presently being used in Indonesia.